EBay Selling Tips

The following list is meant to help you get top dollar for each of your items.  These suggestions can really work to your advantage and make a difference in the final sale price of each item, so check them out before your next appraisal.

EBay Selling Tips:

1. Maintain your items in the best possible condition.  The closer they are to new, the higher their bidding prices will be.

2. Keep the accessories.  Any add-ons that we can include with an item for auction will help it sell better.

3. Save original tags, boxes, cases, dust bags, authenticity cards, etc…  These added accessories really do increase the value of your items.

4. Clean as much as possible before your appraisal.  We appraise based on what we see, and if an item looks too dirty or damaged at your appraisal, it may not make it to auction.

5. Retain information about original retail values.  If we know what you originally paid for it, chances are that we can get you more money.

6. Make sure it’s the real deal.  We do not sell any inauthentic items, namely fake designer goods, because it’s illegal!  Thus, we need to be able to authenticate your belongings before we can clear them for auction.

7. Spread the word about our eBay store.  Often times, friends and family are eyeing your beautiful things, so when the time comes where they can bid on those goods, let them know.  You’ll be doing them a favor and making yourself some “moo-lah” in the process.  Not bad, right?

Now, go count those cash cows, and give us a call!  We are here to help you exchange your excess belongings for earnings whenever you are ready.  What are you waiting for?


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