EBay Your Life!

Hi Everybody,

My name is Hadley Gustin, and I have just started a new business called Ca$h Cow Xchange about which I could not be more excited.  What is Ca$h Cow Xchange?  It is a way for you to sell any of your upscale items very quickly with no work on your end.  What does that mean…?  It means you go to my Contact Us page, and set up an appointment with me.  Then, at your convenience, I come to your house, assess your items and go to work.  You do nothing.  I list everything on eBay for seven days.  Whatever sells, you keep 50% of the selling price.  That is it.  Simple.  I do all the work.  You make 50%.  No work on your part.  Please refer to the About Us page for further explanation.  I welcome any and all feedback and certainly any and all business.  That said, I would truly appreciate it if you would forward this e-mail to anyone in your life that you think might benefit.

With love and gratitude,

Hadley Gustin

P.S. I am very proud to announce that 3% of our profits will be going to support the Shanti Generation, the Prison Yoga Project and the YoGirls Program initiatives.  For further details about these spectacular causes and how you can contribute, feel free to click on their links.  If you would like to donate your earnings to other nonprofit organizations, click here to find the ones that best meet your philanthropic interests.

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